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Top Wonderful Waterfall of Vietnam vietnam travel

Top Wonderful Waterfall of Vietnam

With mountainous terrain covering 3/4 of the country, Vietnam is home to a plethora of spectacular waterfalls, making it a paradise for adventure seekers. The majority of them are surrounded by unspoiled jungles. Let’s take a look at the 5 most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam to help you plan your next journey.

Ban Gioc Waterfall – Cao Bang

Ban Gioc waterfall is located in the North of Vietnam. This is one of the biggest cross-border waterfalls in the world located between Vietnam and China, such as Iguazu and Niagara and no less famous than the two names by beauty and majesty. Ban Gioc Waterfall, which is more than 200 meters high and has a drop of more than 70 meters, is a breathtaking sight of three layers of cliffs set against a picturesque, lush green backdrop. The breathtaking beauty of this waterfall is reflected in the graceful, fresh beauty of the water, the pure green of the trees, and the pristine and special beauty of the ethnic villages. You can also hop into a big natural pool near ther for a more immersive experience.

cao bang waterfall vietfoot travel

More information:

Location: Trung Khanh, Cao Bang Province
Distance: 370 km from Hanoi city
How to access: Private car, Motorbike
Travel type: Family, Friend, Solo,…



Thac Bac – Sapa

Thac Bac or Silver waterfall is famous as a scenic spot of Sa Pa land for a long time. This waterfall is about 200 meters high, located at the foot of O Quy Ho Pass (one of the four great passes of Vietnam), about 12 km from Sapa town. Standing at the foot of Silver waterfall, one can see the white foam flowing with the rumbling waterfall, like a white dragon looking down from the sky, which creates a feeling of wildness and mystery. All make people so small. A special feature of the Silver waterfall that only people who climb the waterfall know, are two nuances that nature can bring to Silver waterfall – O Quy Ho pass: At the same time, the east side of the ridge may still be covered with fog, but the west side is filled with the warmth of late afternoon sunlight. It will be an enjoyable experience. Coming to Thac Bac, you will have a chance to sink into the extravagant landscape of mountainous surroundings. We give Sapa Valley trekking, so if you’re looking for adventure and beautiful scenery, this is the trip for you.

thac bac waterfall vietnam travel

More information:

Location: Lao Cai Province
Distance: 140km from Hanoi to the West
How to access:Private car, Motobike, Train
Travel type: Family, Friend, Solo, Couple,…




The May Waterfall – Thanh Hoa

May Waterfall (or Cloud waterfall), with its beauty and romance, is still a less-known destination for foreign travelers. This waterfall is also known by other names as “Nine steps of Love” from the legend of 9 fairieswaterfall belonging to the most majestic Truong Son mountain in Vietnam. According to legend, in the past, there were 9 fairies leaving their footsteps after returning to Heaven. The stream of water pouring down from a height of about 400 meters, is divided into 9 small cascades – like steps, creating a wonderful, wild and magical natural landscape, making anyone when they come to must also be surprised. The best time to visit is from August to October, when sunny days cause you to see the blue water and hear it murmur through the night. However, if you visit in May or June, you should not skip Pu Luong, which is home to the Muong and Thai ethnic groups. It is just 70 kilometers from Thac May and offers a stunning view of the Pu Luong terraces during the new rice season.

The May Waterfall – Thanh HoaMore information:

Location:  Thach Thanh, Thanh Hoa Province
Distance: 100 km from Hanoi city
How to access: Private car, Motorbike
Travel type: Family, Friend, Solo, Couple.




Dray Nur Waterfall – Buon Me Thuot, Dak Lak

Dray Nur or DrayNur is a majest ic waterfall that mother of nature given to Dak Lak. It is 25 kilometers away from Buon Me Thuot. The Dray Nur waterfall is the most spectacular and highest of the Serepok River’s three waterfalls. Dray Nur in the local language means girl or Wife waterfall. From a distance, Dray Nur offers breathtaking landscapes. Dray Nur is renowned for its incredible purity and legends. The mysterious beauty of the waterfall inspires all visitors who are often curious about the legend behind it. For those who love adventure, visiting the waterfall is an impressive experience. With a length of 250 meters, a height of 30 meters, and a spread of 150 meters, this waterfall is stunning. The 3,000-meter square cave hidden behind the rumbling down waterfall is the most appealing feature. There is also a panoramic view of the waterfall from here. Stalactites and stalagmites in the cave create an extraordinary scene that captivates visitors. It is also possible to walk the forest trails and admire the centuries-old trees.

The May Waterfall – Thanh HoaMore information: 

Location: Buon Me Thuot, Dak Lak Province
Distance: 25 km from Buon Me Thuot city
How to access: Private car, Motorbike
Travel type: Family, Friend, Solo, Couple



Dambri Waterfall

Two waterfalls in Vietnam have been included in MSN’s list of the world’s 15 most charming cascades. The Ban Gioc Waterfall in the northern province of Cao Bang, near the Chinese border, is described as a “paradise on earth,” while the Dambri Waterfall in Bao Loc Town, Lam Dong’s Central Highlands province, is mentioned as a place worth visiting. Dambri is one of the most wonderfull waterfalls in Vietnam. According to K’Ho, Dambri means to wait. The name also comes from a beautiful legend about a girl’s cherished love for the man she loves. Dambri waterfall has been built to form a tourist area to serve tourists. However, this place still retains the inherent beauty of the mountains and forests and is not overexploited. Dambri waterfall with a height of up to 60m is the largest waterfall in Lam Dong city. Visitors also experience exploring Vietnam’s longest water slide with a total length of 1650m. The whole tourist area has many areas. Including the main areas such as Waterfall Dambri, Lake Dambri, the resort, the sledge house, the campsite, … surely this is a waterfall you should not miss.

Dambri Waterfall vietfoot travelMore information: 

Location:  Bao Loc town, Lam Dong province
Distance: 130km from Dalat
How to access: Private car, Motorbike
Travel type: Family, Friend, Solo, Couple




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