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7 Things To Know When Visiting To Vietnam vietfoot travel

7 Things To Know When Visiting To Vietnam

Vietnam provided us with the Thailand experience which we wanted. VFT wants to share these simple but effective of Vietnamese travel tips!

The Best Times To Travel Are January To March

It is interesting to know that the rainy season deters you from travelling. The rain generally lasts a few hours in the afternoon, and the locals are used to going about their business depending on the severity of the rain. The weather seems different in various regions of the country. Seasonal tendencies are more popular in the northern and highland regions than in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) and the south. If this is your first vacation, you will have summer clothes and a few light jackets for the evenings.

Public Holiday

Tet Holiday (End Of January/ Beginning Of February): Tet has a ten-day festival, at that time, all of the stores in big cities will be closed, and tourist destinations such as Vietnamese Hoi An will be highly crowded. The customary bustling cities are replaced with an unsettling quiet, which is a unique experience in itself.

30th April: It celebrates the Fall of Saigon, or Reunification Day (HCMC). Fireworks and celebrations may be found in many of the cities, the most impressive of which is in HCMC.

You Might Not Always Need A Visa When You’re From Europe

A free 15-day Visa is available to citizens of Scandinavia, Southeast Asia, and Western Europe. If you leave the country after or during the duration of this Visa, you have to wait 30 days before re-entering; in this situation, it is advisable to acquire the 3-month multiple entry Visa online (at least 3 working days before your flight).

Everyone In This Town Is A Millionaire

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a millionaire? This dream will be realized if you travel to Vietnam. The current exchange rate for the Vietnamese Dong (VND) is approximately:

1 US Dollar (USD) = 22,781 VND
which means 1,000,000 VND is around $44, the cost of a mid-range hotel room

Save Money By Exchanging Money At Jewelry Stores And Withdrawing Money From Citibank To Avoid Repeated Transaction Fees

Visa and MasterCard are accepted at the majority of ATMs throughout the country. There are money exchange booths at all of the main airports, however, in HCMC and Hanoi’s core districts, you can get a higher conversion rate in the jewelry and gold shops (in HCMC, they surround Ben Thanh market).

Understand These Useful Vietnamese Phrases Which Will Make Your Journey Much Smoother

Vietnamese is the official language. Many visitors find it difficult to pick up this language quickly since it is tonal and requires many sounds to be made in the throat rather than the mouth. There are some simple and useful sentences that make you use it even if you don’t know the tones. Check out guide to learning 100 fundamental Vietnamese phrases in Google.

Vietnam Is A Secure Country… In Some Ways

Vietnam is not only inexpensive to travel there, but it is also relatively safe. Tourists are symbol of progress by both communities and the government, therefore their coming is welcomed.

The Vietnamese Are Nice, But They Are Driven By Money

The Vietnamese place a high priority on education. After the war, the older generation determined to lift the younger out of poverty. On weekends, many children attent extra classes. If you observe a huge group of individuals waiting on motorcycles outside a building, uniformed children will most likely jump out and leap onto the backs of the bikes.


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